From 1 July 2017 there is a new Temporary Employment Directive for the Queensland public sector. This directive will apply to temporary employees who don't have a substantive position somewhere else.
This Survey will provide your union with details to help with these conversions.
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How long have you worked in your current role? (please specify years and months, add a start date if at all possible)

If you can remember your start date, how many years/months have you been in your role?

Do you have any other role (a permanent job) in a SCHOOL or the Department (or another Government Department)?

Detail your other role

Have you had any contract extensions in your current role?

How many contract extension have you had?

Were you appointed to complete a particular project, to backfill parental leave or long service leave or for a limited time due to another reason like funding?

Tell us more about the project(s).

Have you ever had a review of your temporary status before?

When was this review?

If you have had a review, what was the outcome? (Please attach any written reasons)

Have you worked in other roles at the same level, doing similar work?

For how long?

What were those roles called?

What classification level were the role/s?

Did you have any breaks in service? (eg. A 3 month break between contracts, or a week?)

Have you already requested a review of your temporary status under the Directive or would you like Together to request this review now, provided you meet the time criteria?

When was your review?

Please attach an email or letter.

Have you had performance reviews or performance planning conversations in your role?

Have your performance reviews or feedback been positive or negative?

Can you provide some details?

Do you have any paperwork from your initial appointment or contract extensions? Please attach.

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