Union members can access support in seeking permanent employment this Term. This survey is the start of that process and will provide your union the details required to begin the temporary to permanent transition.

This survey is for AAEP/ AO2/ Schools Officers.

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Contact Phone


Classification level

When did you commence work at your school?

How many hours per week do you work?

Have you worked those hours the whole time you have been at the school or have the hours gone up and down? Can you list any hours changes?

Do you have any permanent hours?

How many?

Are you permanent hours at this school or another school? (list the other school too please)

Is your position ‘school purchased’?

Are you backfilling for someone on leave?

Have you had any breaks between contracts (not including paid leave)?

How long were those breaks for?

Do you consent to your Union, Together, putting your name forward for permanent hours conversion this Term?

**Please note that your union office will contact you before all the members names are put forward for permanent conversion. We are seeking to collect the names of eligible members to put forward in the last week in  August. If you have any questions or concerns between filling in this form and hearing from us again call 1800 177 244 or email schools@together.org.au.
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